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Monday, 5 October 2015


I've seen you come; I've seen you all.
From Bell to bell; And Puddle to muddle.

From the playground that called; To the lab that hauled.
Under the mischievous bench; On the carefree desk.

From the rendezvous greets; To the clandestine meets.
I've seen you run; I've seen you fall.

To break every rule; Was the only rule.
And the elders got a chance; to call you a fool.

Albeit the world; was a grey zone.
You used to weave; A world of your own.

From tussle to whistle; From unite to scatter.
With innocence instilled; Your world was a lot flatter.

I now see you pass; On the other side of the grass.
The clock has ticked; and the time has passed.

Same are the benches; The way you left last.
I yearn you come; And fill that empty class.

Failure  doesn't matter; Neither does pass.
I say that your class; Was the one with class.

For each his own - The School