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Monday, 2 February 2015

Though denied by university of Moscow; he stunned the world with his table & used Sanskrit to attribute it's due stature!!!

He was a Russian chemist and inventor. He formulated the Periodic Law, created his own version of the periodic table of elements, and used it to correct the properties of some already discovered elements and also to predict the properties of eight elements yet to be discovered.
He born in the village of Verkhnie Aremzyani, near Tobolsk in Siberia. The university in Moscow did not accept him.
He quoted ,"I saw in a dream a table where all elements fell into place as required. Awakening, I immediately wrote it down on a piece of paper, only in one place did a correction later seem necessary."
By giving Sanskrit names to his "missing" elements, he showed his appreciation and debt to the Sanskrit grammarians of ancient India, who had created sophisticated theories of language based on their discovery of the two-dimensional patterns in basic sounds.

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