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Monday, 5 October 2015


I've seen you come; I've seen you all.
From Bell to bell; And Puddle to muddle.

From the playground that called; To the lab that hauled.
Under the mischievous bench; On the carefree desk.

From the rendezvous greets; To the clandestine meets.
I've seen you run; I've seen you fall.

To break every rule; Was the only rule.
And the elders got a chance; to call you a fool.

Albeit the world; was a grey zone.
You used to weave; A world of your own.

From tussle to whistle; From unite to scatter.
With innocence instilled; Your world was a lot flatter.

I now see you pass; On the other side of the grass.
The clock has ticked; and the time has passed.

Same are the benches; The way you left last.
I yearn you come; And fill that empty class.

Failure  doesn't matter; Neither does pass.
I say that your class; Was the one with class.

For each his own - The School

Sunday, 4 October 2015


The usual jitter stops us from being ourselves and behaving in the way we want. A certain madness in life is essential.

Life's granted and lived only once, let's live it to the fullest.

There's no fun in abiding to the social norms that are in the name of discipline and culture which prohibit you to live with your will, wish and desire.

We have no control over people and their actions and sometimes the situations which may be unfavorable and may bring sorrow, defeat deceit and failure.

We at the same time have the ability to rock, live, be mad, express and be happy. We have that superpower to bring and control our happiness/content.

Stop worrying about people's judgments towards you. They always have and will always judge; not live for/with you.

And if you think what they think; what would they do?

Let them worry about us n us being us and PROUD of ourselves LIVE AND NOT SURVIVE.